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Middle School

Building the Future

Year: 4–6

Architecture influences everyone daily; what we build also impacts our environment. Good architecture can contribute to sustainable societal development – ecological, social, and economic.

In ArkDes’ middle school program, we delve into the possibilities and challenges of architecture. Using ArkDes’ collection as a starting point, we examine different building techniques and explore how, with creativity and collaboration, we can improve our environment and our way of life. The school program can be booked with or without a workshop.

Curriculum connections: National Curriculum for the Compulsory School System 2011 (Lgr22): Overall goals of the school, technology, and geography, Agenda 2030, the global goals.

The program is free of charge and can be booked from 1st October. Max 30 pupils per session.

ArkDes reserves the right to charge a no-show fee of 1000 SEK.

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Urban plan for 2000 families, Stuyvesant Town, New York. 1951. Josef Frank. ArkDes collection.