Power of Places is a call for proposals with the aim to develop methods and full-scale prototypes demonstrating how existing materials, resource flows, knowledge and experience can be utilized in urban development. Two interdisciplinary teams will get the opportunity to create and test ideas and approaches for robust maintenance and development of urban spaces in Rosengård and Nyhamnen in Malmö.

In the future, development and maintenance will be two words to describe the same thing. The Power of Places call explores ideas and methods for utilizing, carefully developing and strengthening local values in the urban development process. If we would not produce new things but instead take care of the materials, opportunities and people that already exist in a place, what kind of development and aesthetics would that allow for?

Power of places focuses on Rosengård and Nyhamnen, two different geographies with different conditions and needs but both part of the same city. Two selected interdisciplinary teams will be tasked with inventorying each site, exploring methods and developing full-scale prototypes that can be the starting point of a new approach on development and maintenance of the two areas. The assignment also includes an exploration of the possible exchange of resources and the relationship between the geographies. 

In order to create transformation, we need to draw on all existing resources – including materials, knowledge and experiences – and build carefully on what we already have. Together, architecture, art and design can offer the tools for more place-based models of development, and show how new ways of working can lead to remarkable places and encounters.

The call for proposals is a collaboration between ArkDes and the City of Malmö and is supported by the Society for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Green Parks in Malmö.

Photo in header: Björn Olin

Photo: Apelöga/Malmö stad

How to apply

The call is open to interdisciplinary teams of 2-4 people. At least one person in each team must have design expertise – i.e. be an architect, designer, artist or have similar experience. The team needs to be able to be on site in Malmö for part of the project period. 

Each team will be commissioned 500 000 SEK. In addition to this, there will be a separate project budget.

Your application must be received no later than February 12, 2023, at 23:59. For more information on what to include in the application, see the call text in the link below.

  • December 6, 2022 – February 12, 2023: Call ongoing
  • March 13 – March 17: Start-up workshops on site in the districts.
  • March – November: Project period of inventory, sketch and prototype development. During September-October, the project will be presented in the public program of Malmö in the making.
  • December 2023: Final delivery as agreed.

Frequently asked questions regarding the call Power of Places

How big is the production budget?
Each team will have a production budget of SEK 850,000.

Should the application contain requests for a specific geography?
If the team has a preference regarding geography/district, it is fine to indicate this, but it is not a requirement in any way.

Is it okay if two of the team members come from the same workplace, or do all members have to come from different companies?

This is fine, as long as at least two different workplaces/companies and two different areas of expertise/disciplines are represented in the project team.

May the same person or company appear in several applications, in different constellations?
Yes, that is fine.


For questions, please email us at hej.thinktank@arkdes.se.