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Practice-based research

Photo: LundbergDesign. 2020. Parmmätargatan, Stockholm.

To create and manage living environments that are sustainable, inclusive, beautiful and functional, a variety of perspectives and skills are required. In collaboration with various stakeholders, ArkDes conducts practice-oriented research in architecture and design. This is done to test new methods and collaborations and find ways to achieve the objectives1 set out in the Policy for Designed Living Environment ↗.

Our projects are carried out in partnership with decision-makers, national authorities, businesses, municipal and regional authorities, academia, and the general public, in both small communities and large cities across Sweden. We explore various themes within architecture, urban planning, design, art, and cultural heritage. Through architecture and design, we investigate ways to thoughtfully develop existing structures and use local knowledge in community development.

The ideas are tested by, for instance, inviting local actors to activate previously inaccessible urban spaces or by building full-scale prototypes so that they can be experienced, analysed and discussed. The outcomes of these projects are disseminated through seminars, studies, user interviews, reports, websites and evaluations.

This practice-based research is supported through a special government grant to ArkDes for research and development efforts related to the Policy for Designed Living Environment, as well as through collaborations with other agencies and funding from other sources.

  • 1
    • sustainability and quality are not subordinated to short-term economic considerations
    • knowledge of architecture, form, and design is developed and disseminated
    • the public sector acts as a model
    • aesthetic, artistic, and cultural-historical values are preserved and developed
    • environments are designed to be accessible to all
    • collaboration and cooperation are developed, nationally and internationally

ArkDes practice-based research projects

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Practice-based research




Practice-based research


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Practice-based research



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Practice-based research



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Practice-based research


Norrbotten & Västerbotten

Visions: in the North