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Torget: Power of Places

Photo: Olle Enqvist. 2023. Nyhamnen, Malmö.
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Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

Torget: Power of Places

Step into ArkDes and onto Torget, a place to engage in the discussions about the transformation our societies are undergoing today to meet the challenges of tomorrow. In the 2024 installation on Torget, you can immerse in Power of Places, a research project that explores what happens when local resources are allowed to thrive and grow in the Nyhamnen district of Malmö.

The world is facing immense climate challenges. Through practise-based research project Power of Places, ArkDes collaborates with the city of Malmö to examine how architecture and design can contribute to a positive transition, focusing on reviving the old terminal area in Nyhamnen by leveraging existing elements.

The project is led by Team Layered, an international team consisting of Daniel Feldman, Ana Sokoloff, Sumayya Vally, and María José Arjona. Through collaborations with local artisans, the community and the city, they are testing, among other things, if an old truck ramp and concrete troughs can be transformed into a theater stage and if an urban forest can grow on asphalt.

Power of Places is a project carried out by ArkDes within the framework of the Policy for Designed Living Environment. We collaborate with municipalities, private sector, academia and the public across the country to disseminate knowledge on how architecture and design serve as tools for the transformation of our societies. Come to ArkDes and join the conversation.

About Torget

The exhibits on Torget display the practice-based design research undertaken and commissioned by ArkDes. It is the entrance space to ArkDes, and a place for events, workshops, installations, and smaller exhibitions. 

From left: Daniel Feldman, photo: Daniel Feldman. Ana Sokoloff, photo: Mahayana. Sumayya Vally, photo: Lou Jasmine. María José Arjona, photo: María José Arjona

The team includes architect Daniel Feldman, art advisor and curator Ana Sokoloff, architect Sumayya Vally, and performance artist María José Arjona.

Photo: Olle Enqvist. 2023. Nyhamnen, Malmö.