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Torget: Power of Places

Photo: Olle Enqvist. 2023. Nyhamnen, Malmö.
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Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

Torget: Power of Places

Step into ArkDes and onto Torget, a place to engage in the discussions about the transformation our societies are undergoing today to meet the challenges of tomorrow. In the 2024 installation on Torget, you can immerse yourself in Power of Places, a research project based in Malmö that explores methods for preserving and carefully developing the local in urban development processes. 

The world is facing immense climate challenges. Through the research project Power of Places, Layered, a group of architects and artists, examines how the Nyhamnen district in Malmö could be developed by making the most out of what already exists. 

Comprising Daniel Feldman, Ana Sokoloff, Sumayya Vally, and María José Arjona, Layered have studied and mapped everything – from buildings and materials to local people’s experiences of the place, and their dreams about its future. Based on this, a car ramp facing demolition will become an amphitheatre, dismantled fencing will be transformed into woven pergolas, and the wild greenery of the area will become a forest directly on the asphalt. At ArkDes, the results of the project in Nyhamnen will be displayed through an installation at Torget. Together with local craftspeople and residents of Malmö, Layered have woven together an installation based on what is already there. Feel free to take a seat and experience their ideas! 

ArkDes has a mission from the government to promote Sweden’s architecture and design policy goals – Policy for Designed Living Environment ↗. To explore the policy in practice and test new approaches, ArkDes conducts practice-based research. Power of Places ↗ is a practice-based research project in collaboration with the City of Malmö, supported by The Society for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Green Parks in Malmö. 

Photo: ArkDes. 2024 MalmöVÄV weaves patterns with ropes and fences. Nyhamnen, Malmö.

About Torget

The exhibits on Torget offer insights into societal challenges of today, displaying the practice-based design research undertaken and commissioned by ArkDes. Torget is the entrance space to ArkDes and a venue for events, workshops, installations and smaller exhibitions. Come to ArkDes and join the conversation.

From left: Daniel Feldman, photo: Daniel Feldman. Ana Sokoloff, photo: Mahayana. Sumayya Vally, photo: Lou Jasmine. María José Arjona, photo: María José Arjona

The international group of architects and artists consists of Daniel Feldman, architect, Ana Sokoloff, art advisor and curator, Sumayya Vally, architect, and Maria José Arjona, performance artist.

Photo: Olle Enqvist. 2023. Nyhamnen, Malmö.

Power of Places

What happens when local resources and capital are utilized, and allowed to grow in the districts of Rosengård and Nyhamnen in Malmö?