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Open Call: VERKET

Photo: Emelie Asplund. 2024. The waterworks, Ulricehamn.

ArkDes and Ulricehamn Municipality invite one team with design expertise to explore Ulricehamn’s water works and the surrounding area for future needs. With the Open Call ‘VERKET’, the aim is to investigate how we can make better use of seemingly outdated resources using innovative design and management. Apply by 30 August.

Many of Sweden’s municipalities are facing challenges when it comes to technical infrastructure. The increased risk of torrential rain and flooding puts further stress to underdimensioned and outdated systems. New facilities for water and sewerage, for example, require large municipal investments, while the old structures need to be taken care of and given new roles in urban development.  

ArkDes’ practice-based research has the aim of developing and disseminating knowledge about the design of our shared habitats. Through the call VERKET, ArkDes and Ulricehamn Municipality want to create time and space to explore new values in abandoned resources. The call aims to provide Ulricehamn, and other municipalities with outdated wastewater treatment plants and other technical facilities, with tools and knowledge for long-term sustainable planning and management of existing industrial architecture.  

The project is part of ArkDes‘ practice-based research initiative, where development and management of existing structures are described and explored synonymously. Previous projects on this theme include ‘Commoning the Heritage’1 in Robertsfors and ‘Power of Places’2 in Malmö. 

The call targets interdisciplinary teams of designers, architects and other competences who can contribute to the development of industrial environments that have been closed to the public, but can become part of public spaces and living environments.  

The application is open June 25 – August 30, 2024.

  • 1
    Photo: Johannes Samuelsson. 2023. 'Whispers' by Sofia Runarsdotter, installed in the Attic of the Manor House at Robertsfors. 2023.

    The project ‘Commoning The Heritage‘ in Robertsfors centers on the question: How can the inherited environment become a living part of the future?.

    Link to ‘Commoning the Heritage’.

  • 2
    Photo: Björn Olin. 2023. Rosengård, Malmö.

    ‘Power of Places’ focuses on developing methods and prototypes for utilizing materials, resource flows, knowledge, and experience in community development, in the districts of Rosengård and Nyhamnen in Malmö.

    Link to Power of Places.



Open Call: VERKET

Click here to read the Open Call. The text is in Swedish.


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Photo: Emelie Asplund. 2024. The waterworks, Ulricehamn.