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Power of Places

Photo: Björn Olin. 2023. Rosengård, Malmö.

Power of Places

The initiative ‘Power of Places’, a part of ArkDes’ practice-based research effort in 2023, is focused on developing methods and prototypes for utilizing materials, resource flows, knowledge, and experience in community development.

The future of urban development and management will be synonymous, reflecting a unified approach. ‘Power of Places’ delves into methods and practices for nurturing and enhancing local elements in the community development process. By prioritizing the care of existing materials, opportunities, and human resources at a site, this project explores the potential development and aesthetics that such an approach can foster.

The project focuses on the districts of Rosengård and Nyhamnen, two different areas within the same city, each with unique characteristics and needs. Two interdisciplinary teams have been selected to make an inventory of each location, explore methodologies, and develop full-scale prototypes. These will serve as a basis for further careful development and management of these areas. The selected teams are Team Layered for Nyhamnen and Team Art Collective for Spatial Practices (KoRP) for Rosengård.

To facilitate transformation, it’s essential to utilize all available resources – materials, knowledge, experiences, and motivations – and thoughtfully build upon what already exists. Within the realms of architecture, design, and art, there are tools to interpret, shape, and invite development, demonstrating how new approaches can bring about remarkable places and interactions.

When ArkDes reopens its facilities on Skeppsholmen on September 27, 2024, the practice-based research of Team Layered in Nyhamnen will be showcased through a spatial design. This exhibit will be based on parts of the team’s inventory and work, highlighting the significance of craftsmanship in place development processes and the importance of integrating existing elements into public spaces. The exhibit will offer visitors to ArkDes insights into contemporary societal challenges and the practice-based research being conducted at ArkDes in collaboration with partners across the country.

Photo: Olle Enqvist. 2023. Nyhamnen, Malmö.


Nyhamnen – Team Layered: Architect Daniel Feldman, art advisor and curator Ana Sokoloff, architect Sumayya Vally, and performance artist María José Arjona.

Rosengård – Team Art Collective for Spatial Practices (KoRP): The team is represented by Malmö-based artist Hanni Kamaly. With the project ‘Close Your Eyes’.


Emílio Brandão, architect SAR/MSA, Lecturer in Design Activism at Chalmers University of Technology

Maria Lisogorskaya, founding director, Assemble

Mariano Tellechea, architect SAR/MSA, Esencial

Joanna Zawieja, architect, writer and curator. Head of urban development, Public Art Agency Sweden

Collaborative Partners

City of Malmö, within the framework of Malmö in the Making.

From left: Daniel Feldman, photo: Daniel Feldman. Ana Sokoloff, photo: Mahayana. Sumayya Vally, photo: Lou Jasmine. María José Arjona, photo: María José Arjona
Team Art Collective for Spatial Practices (KoRP)
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

Torget: Power of Places