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Welcome to ArkDes on September 27th
Café Blom is open as usual

ArkDes is currently closed for refurbishment.

ArkDes – Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design.

Upcoming exhibitions

Architecture: Arrhov Frick. 2023. On September 27th, we open the museum after one year of refurbishment. Across meticulously designed exhibition spaces, you get the chance to delve deep into Swedish architecture and design. See all upcoming exhibitions here.
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

Conference 2024: Designed Living Environment – How to Count?

Sign up to this year's conference on Designed Living Environment, this year on the theme: How to Count?
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

June 15th marks the opening of Utsikten – a place for co-creation and play 

Utsikten is ArkDes' new initiative for children that opens on June 15th, 2024.

Welcome to the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design.

Café Blom

Café Blom serves delicious dishes, pastries, and drinks in a pleasant environment. See opening hours here!

Six teams selected for Visions in the North step 2

Ice and snow researchers, designers, screenwriters, and architects are examples of professionals who will explore new methods to meet the needs associated with the green industrial transition in Norrbotten and Västerbotten.

ArkDes closed for refurbishment

Architecture: Arrhov Frick. 2023. A new experience is taking shape at Skeppsholmen, offering new opportunities for you as a visitor.

ArkDes holds one of the world’s largest architecture collections. Over 4 million drawings, photographs, and models.


ArkDes brings Policy for Designed Living Environment to schools

Photo: Daniel McCarthy. 2023. ArkDes initiates successful pilot project bringing national policy for architecture and design to schools.  Grounded in the policy and the innovation project Street Moves, students are provided with knowledge and tools to influence the public environment.

ArkDes new graphic identity

A new graphic identity and website have been developed to reflect ArkDes' new experience.

Explore the collection

Susanne Tucker, 1911–2008. Swedish Design Lighting, exhibition in Chicago. 1950s. Photographer unknown. ArkDes collection. In the stores beneath ArkDes, one of the world’s largest architecture collections is housed, with over four million museum objects.

ArkDes re-opens on the 27th September, 2024.

Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

Designing Motherhood: Things That Make and Break Our Births

When was the menstrual cup created? Designing Motherhood is an exhibition about how design has influenced human reproduction over the past 150 years.