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Welcome to ArkDes on September 27th
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ArkDes is currently closed for refurbishment.

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ArkDes closed for refurbishment

Architecture: Arrhov Frick. Photo: Olivier Campagne. 2023.

ArkDes in Transformation

On September 27th, the doors to ArkDes on Skeppsholmen will reopen after ten months of refurbishment. We look forward to welcoming visitors to the museum to share ArkDes’ unique collection, stories, and exhibitions.

The redesigned exhibition halls, designed by the architectural firm Arrhov Frick, will display the museum’s extensive collection. ArkDes’ collection encompasses over four million objects. The new exhibition will depict 150 years of Swedish architecture and design history.

Designed by the architectural firm Arrhov Frick

Arrhov Frick ↗ utilizes materials such as steel, wood, and glass that are already available in the exhibition halls. These materials are repurposed to create new, dynamic structures, offering a fresh perspective on the collection. The design of the construction is profoundly influenced by the characteristics and potential of the existing materials. Everything has been dismantled and then reconstructed into new forms. Now, 80% of the old glass dividers have found new purpose, 70% of the steel from the exhibition space ‘Boxen’ has been innovatively repurposed, and all the plywood from past displays has been reused.

Founded in 2010 in Stockholm, Arrhov Frick has been recognized as one of Sweden’s most compelling architectural firms. They have received nominations for various prestigious awards, including the Mies van der Rohe Award and the Kasper Salin Prize for Sweden’s best building of the year. Locally, Arrhov Frick won the TV4 Grand Designs House of the Year 2022 award in Sweden.

Welcome on September 27th to discover the transformation!

Photo: Viktor Fremling. 2023. Henrik Frick and Johan Arrhov, Arrhov Frick.
Photo: Viktor Fremling. 2023. Arrhov Frick (Johan Arrhov and Henrik Frick) together with Kieran Long (Former Director, ArkDes) and Karin Nilsson (Acting Director, ArkDes).
Drawing: Arrhov Frick. 2023.
Drawing: Arrhov Frick. 2023.
Drawing: Arrhov Frick. 2023.
Drawing: Arrhov Frick. 2023.
Drawing: Arrhov Frick. 2023.
Drawing: Arrhov Frick. 2023.