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Welcome to ArkDes on September 27th
Café Blom is open as usual

ArkDes is currently closed for refurbishment.

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ArkDes new graphic identity

ArkDes new logotype.

In conjunction with the refurbishment of ArkDes and the reopening of the museum in September 2024, a new visual identity developed by Axel von Friesen and Michael Evidon, A.M., is being presented.

ArkDes is currently undergoing a refurbishment, and in anticipation of its reopening in September, a new logo has been introduced to provide an updated expression. A new website has been launched, along with it an updated graphic identity and logo, a family of fonts specially developed for ArkDes, colors, and signage systems. In the new logo, the letters have been arranged in two lines, offering significant flexibility and emphasizing the museum’s two core subjects, ‘Architecture’ and ‘Design’ in a novel way.

A major aspect of this project is to complement the refurbished physical spaces at ArkDes. The creation of the new graphic identity has been conducted in tandem with the refurbishment and the design of the museum’s public areas, led by the architectural firm Arrhov Frick. The new logo is crucial in enhancing and showcasing the museum’s brand, especially when the museum’s historic entrance from Exercisplan reopens.