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Upper Secondary School

Ideology and Technology in Architectural History

In the school program, we focus on the architectural and urban development history of the 20th century, where a clear connection emerges between technical advancement, materials, ideological currents, as well as aesthetic considerations. We discuss and explore the design process while discovering how creativity can shape tomorrow.

Related to upper secondary school (gymnasium) courses such as Architecture, Design, Construction, Formulation and Technology.

The session “Ideology and Technology in Architectural History” is 2 hours long and includes a workshop.

The program is free and can be booked from 1st October. Max 30 pupils per session.

ArkDes reserves the right to charge a no-show fee of 1000 SEK.

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Book the school program "Ideology and Technology in Architectural History" for upper secondary school pupils via the link.

Water Tower in Kuwait. 1970-76. Architect: Malene Björn and Sune Lindström, VBB. Illustrator: Tom Hultgren. ArkDes collection.