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Welcome to ArkDes on September 27th
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Unboxing – Explore ArkDes’ Collection

Photo: Hugo Johansson. 2022.

Unboxing is the place where you, together with ArkDes curators, unpack and explore never-before-seen items from the museum’s underground archives.

ArkDes has one of the world’s largest collections of architecture. Among its four million drawings, letters, and sketches are plans for cities that were never realized and buildings that were never constructed. Every day, ArkDes curators bring up new material from the storage to organize, digitize, and study closely.

Peek behind the scenes of the museum and become a detective for a while. Together, we’ll unpack the collection’s unexplored gems and go on a treasure hunt among hundred-year-old drawings and forgotten letters. What can a pencil stroke really tell us, and how many sketches are needed to shape a building?

Every afternoon from 13:00 to 16:00, an ArkDes curator will be present in the Unboxing room – possibly the museum’s nerdiest spot. Witness the drawings come to life, view the items up close, and ask questions or share your own observations. Also, keep an eye on the ArkDes website for events related to Unboxing, where experts are invited to share their knowledge on exciting topics.

Unboxing will be open to the public when ArkDes reopens on September 27th, 2024.

Starts – ongoing
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

ArkDes Collection

The exhibition 'ArkDes Collection' provides a unique opportunity for the audience to gain insight into the stories and original works from the museum's extensive archive.

Welcome to explore the ArkDes collection together with the museum's curators.