Architecture Projects: Skeppsbron is the first in a series of exhibitions that brings together some of Sweden’s most talented architects to consider the question: What do we want our city to be?Speculation is crucial in architectural practice and a central role of the architect is to think differently. Architecture Projects: Skeppsbron highlights the artistic methods and visionary ideas of eight Stockholm-based architects and studios to propose new possibilities for Skeppsbron – a large waterfront site that stretches across Gamla Stan, from Slussen to the Royal Palace.

As Stockholm’s oldest quay, Skeppsbron and Skeppsbrokajen have a unique history as the ”shop window” of Sweden: a hub for the import and export of goods, a marketplace, a thoroughfare, and a metaphorical bridge between the capital and the rest of Europe. Between people, ideas and commerce, this was once Stockholm’s foremost site of exchange. Although it still stands as a defining image of the city, it has come to be dominated by car parks and underused public space.

Through drawings, models, words and references, these eight visions consider possible futures for Skeppsbron as an architectural, symbolic, and public landscape. They celebrate the architect’s ability to address the city as a layered, multifaceted environment capable of absorbing unexpected proposals and, together, can help us to see its potential in a new light.


Esencial – Carmen Izquierdo →
Elizabeth B. Hatz →
Hermansson Hiller Lundberg →
OKK+ →
Krupinski/Krupinska →
Tor Lindstrand →
Nilsson Rahm →

Curator: James Taylor-Foster
Exhibition Design: Erik Törnkvist, ETAT ARKITEKTER →
Graphic Identity: Studio Reko →
Light Design: El & Scenteknik AB
Installation: Markus Eberle, Stefan Mossfeldt
Programme: Daniel Golling, Karin Svensson, Elisabet Schön

Thanks to Betongindustri (Stockholm).

About Architecture Projects

Architecture Projects is a rapid-response platform for architects to engage with the city, responding to broader discussions in which architecture has a central role. The project offers space for architects and practices of differing size and experience to be visionary: to speculate, consider and imagine the role of the architectural project in affecting different scales – from that of the interior to that of the city.


Architecture Projects: Skeppsbron Brochure →This exhibition is not an end-result, nor does it debate Modernism or Classicism or the architectural style of Stockholm. It asks us to look beyond style and instead think about how ideas in the public space of the city can be seen, and this relates to how architects communicate them. Arkitekten (in Swedish) The exhibition is testament to the creative force of the architect, presented through the most powerful tools at the architect’s disposal: 2D drawing, 3D modelling, and words – both written and spoken. [...] All of this is back-grounded by the fact the lifeblood of a city is its continual renewal – the cycle of demolition, addition, and extension for which architecture is a central force. ArchDaily

Images from the exhibition

“The Wall”. Model: Krupinski/Krupinska (2019)
“The Wall”. Drawing: Krupinski/Krupinska (2019)
Detail of model. By Elisabeth Hatz.
"Another Day in a Different Time”. Model: Elizabeth B. Hatz (2019)
"Another Day in a Different Time”. Drawing: Elizabeth B. Hatz (2019)
Model in wood. By Nilsson Rahm
“Island of the Dead”. Model: Nilsson Rahm (2019)
“Island of the Dead”. Drawing: Nilsson Rahm (2019)
Detail of model. By OKK
“You”. Model: OKK+ (2019)
“You”. Drawing: OKK+ (2019)
Model in wood. By AT-HH.
“City of My Dreams”. Model: AT-HH (2019)
“City of My Dreams”. Drawing: AT-HH (2019)
Detail of model. By Hermansson Hiller Lundberg.
“In Water Writ”. Model: Hermansson Hiller Lundberg (2019)
“In Water Writ”. Drawing: Hermansson Hiller Lundberg (2019)
Detail of model. By Tor Lindstrand.
“Time Crystal”. Model: Tor Lindstrand (2019)
“Time Crystal”. Drawing: Tor Lindstrand (2019)
Model in wood. By Esencial.
“Scenes for Future Expression”. Model: Esencial - Carmen Izquierdo (2019)
“Scenes for Future Expression”. Drawing: Esencial - Carmen Izquierdo (2019)
Podium with all the architectural models
Photo: Johan Dehlin
Podium with all the architectural models
Photo: Johan Dehlin
Exterior and entrance to Boxen. Text: Architecture Projects: Skeppsbron
Photo: Johan Dehlin
Interior from the exhibition room in Boxen. Podium with the architectural models
Photo: Johan Dehlin
Group photo of the exhibitors.
From left to right: Jenny Olsson, Max Ahrent, Malin Heyman, James Hamilton, Katarina Krupinska, Konrad Krupinski, Samuel Lundberg, Andreas Hiller, Karolina Keyzer, Andreas Hermansson, Carmen Izquierdo, Susanna Rahm, Tor Lindstrand, Anna Nilsson, Elizabeth B. Hatz (not pictured). Photo: Johan Dehlin