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ArkDes’ Collection on the move

Photo: Emma Fredriksson

Deep beneath Humlegården in central Stockholm lies a part of Swedish art history that ArkDes manages. During 2024, all ArkDes collection material will be moved from the Royal Library’s store in Stockholm to a new, well-equipped storage facility.

Throughout 2023, a careful process has taken place where the works have been organised, catalogued, and repacked. In the long run, this makes the collection searchable and accessible for future researchers and for exhibition purposes. Moreover, the volume of the collection has significantly decreased (through discarding old binders and other non-collections paper), resulting in the discarding of over ten thousand litres of waste material.

In previously unopened moving boxes, there are many unknown or forgotten stories. During the project, the extensive archive of Ove Hidemark, Bengt Hidemark, and the Nature Conservation Agency have been reviewed. The work of organising such a large archive provides a unique insight into the architects’ work. In ArkDes’ collection exhibition opening in September 2024, some of these stories will be displayed and shared with the public for the first time.

To carry out this work, ArkDes engaged over thirty employees to help in the storage facility under the Royal Library. This has not only created a broad understanding of the collection and collection care within the museum, but also increased awareness of the collection’s profound significance and potential.

ArkDes’ collection move marks the start of a new era, where a hidden treasure is transformed into an accessible part of Sweden’s architectural and design history.

Photo: ArkDes. 2023.