As part of ArkDes Think Tank, ArkDes announces an open call for projects and funding totalling one million Swedish krona to support practice-based research within architecture and design. The open call is directed at architects, designers, researchers, interior architects, artists, planning architects and landscape architects who have an idea they want to develop. SUBMITTING DATE HAS PASSED.

ArkDes initiated this open call after noting a recurrent request, from both practicing architects and employees within the public sector and non-profit organisations, for the possibility to conduct in-depth research on an issue. For many, especially smaller offices, conducting such research is not financially feasible. This open call is intended to facilitate practice-based, investigative projects that focus on challenges and issues related to the city of today and tomorrow. The projects should be linked to the objectives identified in Politik för gestaltad livsmiljö (Prop. 2017/18:110) (“Policy for Designed Living Environments”) →

What is practice-based research?

Practice-based research is a broad concept. It may refer to scientific research in practice-based areas; or to practitioners who use research methodology as part of their design tools. Themes and subjects may include everything from in-depth explorations of the design process to concrete design solutions.

Who can apply?

The target group for the open call is practitioners within the areas of architecture, form and design in Sweden. The projects must be a collaboration between at least two parties. Participants may be, for example, an architect, designer, researcher, interior architect, artist, planning architect or landscape architect. These may work freelance, in a private business, at a construction firm, at a municipality, within academia or for a non-profit organisation.

  • The call is only open to professionals who are residents of Sweden.
  • The call is not open to individual applicants.
  • The project must be a collaboration between at least two parties, such as an architect and a researcher, a designer and a producer.

What we want to see?

  • ArkDes Think Tank wants to support work that focuses on issues related to our designed living environment: sustainability, equality, participation, quality in the public space and segregation.
  • ArkDes Think Tank prioritises applicants who want to conduct and initiate projects that develop architecture, form and design.
  • ArkDes Think Tank prioritises applicants who have identified socially beneficial investigative design work.
  • Practice-based, investigative projects in Sweden aimed at exploring an issue and producing new knowledge.
  • The final format may vary but must be specified in the application: a publication, film, full-scale model, digital exhibition etc.

What resources are available?

  • The total amount of funding is 1 million Swedish krona, to be distributed between 4-6 projects.
  • Financing is given to the team to conduct the project at their own workplace/workplaces. ArkDes does not provide a workplace or equipment.
  • The project should be able to be carried out between 3-6 months.


  • Open Call 29 January – 17 March 2019
  • Application deadline 17 March 2019
  • ArkDes (internal reference group) decides by 31 March which projects will be granted funding.
  • The projects must be completed by 1 November 2019.
  • A seminar about the results and experiences will be arranged in November 2019.

What is the selection process?

ArkDes Think Tank’s internal work group reviews and assesses the applications based on the selection criteria and produces a shortlist of names. ArkDes Think Tank’s advisory group consisting of members with different areas of expertise and interests is then consulted.

ArkDes Think Tank contacts the people on the shortlist for an interview. All applicants will also be invited to a seminar on the results and experiences in November.

How to apply?

Applications are made by sending an email with the following documents to

  • Describe your project (max. two A4 pages). What do you want to explore? Who is participating in the project? Describe your methodology and intended final result. The description must include a budget for the project.
  • Attach between 1–4 references of your previous projects and assignments. This may be in the form of photographs, publications, film or other digital media.
  • Attach the CVs of all participating persons.
  • The application must be submitted in Swedish, but references may be in English.

Submitted files must be saved with the applicant’s name/organisation in the beginning of the file name, for example: lisa_karlsson_ansokan.doc.

ArkDes must receive the application no later than 23.59 (11:59 pm) on 17 March 2019. SUBMITTING DATE HAS PASSED.