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New report: Sustainability, Quality and Economics

Graphic design and image: Magdalena Czarnecki The Passagen House, Quarter Hästen (formerly Quarter Torsken). Bengt Lindroos. 1969. ArkDes collection.

ArkDes releases the report, ‘Sustainability, Quality and Economics.’ This annual report serves as a follow-up to the Policy for Designed Living Environment, commissioned by the Swedish Ministry of Culture. Rooted in a firm belief in the transformative power of design, the policy emphasizes the conscious integration of architecture, form, design, art, and cultural heritage to foster a sustainable, inclusive and less segregated society. 

How we inhabit, work and live our lives is pivotal in addressing the economic, social and environmental challenges inherent in transitioning to a sustainable society. This year’s report delves into one of the specifics outlined in the national goal – the notion that sustainability and quality are not made subservient to short-term financial considerations. 

Drawing from interviews with experts, research reports, illustrative examples, and surveys involving architecture, construction and real estate entities, ArkDes emphasizes the need to reevaluate work methodologies and financing models. This reexamination is crucial to prioritize sustainability and quality across architecture, design, construction and management.

Read the full report below.