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2 October

Many Tongues in the Evening: Chorus (SOFT GOSSIP with Claire Tolan)

18:00  Sold out

Taking place inside Boxen after the museum closes, Claire Tolan's sunset performance features a volunteer chorus.

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3 October

One Tongue in the Morning: Meditation (SOFT GOSSIP with Claire Tolan)

09:00  Sold out

Experience a meditative sunrise performance with Claire Tolan.

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Find out more about the exhibition here


3 October

Claire Tolan and Sonia Sagan on the Potential of ASMR

13:00  Broadcast live on Instagram.

In this recorded conversation, Claire Tolan and Sonia Sagan meet in Stockholm to discuss the latent potential of the culture, community, and creative field of ASMR.

Focusing on three core themes—role-play, intimacy, and healing—Tolan and Sagan draw upon their own artistic practices and personal experiences to explore this world and imagine future applications of ASMR and adjacent fields. What can ASMR become when lifted from the limits of the screen?

The conversation will be broadcast live on Instagram.

Claire Tolan
Claire Tolan is an American artist and programmer living in Berlin. Since 2013, much of her work has emerged from the sounds of ASMR. Between 2014 and 2019, Tolan hosted You’re Worth It, the ASMR show on Berlin Community Radio. She has collaborated on many recording and performance projects with artists such as Holly Herndon, Inger Wold Lund, Hanne Lippard, Camilla Steinum, and Susan Ploetz. Alongside Holly Herndon, Tolan is a participant of the exhibition WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD with the audio work Lonely at the Top from the album Platform (2015).

Sonia Sagan
Sonia Sagan is a concept artist based in Stockholm, currently studying their third year at the Royal Institute of Art. The focus of their practice is “ATAR Walk With Me” or the “ATARI-faith”, a gesamtkunstwerk exploring the making of a modern sage over the course of ten years. The reclamation of imagination, by a blissful reinterpretation of dystopia, is Sagan’s subversive tactic of choice – and the greatest potential for existence post-truth. Born in the land of Alfred Nobel and the traditionally arson-prone Yule goat of Gävle, and descended from the holy petrol fires of Iran/Azerbaijan, the “ATARI-faith” explores the revolutionary potential at the intersection of fire worship and landscape theory. It frames the ASMR of resistance as our pathway to eco-emotional sustainability. Who speaks for earth? The underground.


13 October

Demolishing a (cultural) landmark

18:00  Free Admission. Limited seats.

Kiruna’s old city hall doesn’t exist anymore. Built by the architect Arthur von Schmalensee and awarded the prestigious Kasper Salin Prize by the Swedish Association of Architects, the building that was once popularly known as “the living room of Kiruna” now lays in ruins, and eventually even the ground it once stood on will sink into the mine. The project to move the city of Kiruna awakens both emotions and questions. Which buildings should be preserved? What affect does it have on people when places and buildings that were central in their lives suddenly physically disappear? And to what extent should a city and its inhabitants be controlled by a state-owned company?

Discussion with author and journalist Po Tidholm and architect Ylva Frid. Moderated by Stina Oscarson. The discussion begins with the performance Iscensättning 1. Tal by Sara Lidman and Ingela Johansson, performed by Cecilia Nilsson. The conversation will be held in Swedish and take place in the exhibition Kiruna Forever, currently showing at ArkDes.

Language: Swedish

Information in light of COVID-19

ArkDes follows recommendations and regulations issued by the Swedish Public Health Agency in order to create a safe environment for all participants. To do that, we have an obligatory pre-registration system, restrict the number of participants and ensure there is a safe distance between participants throughout the duration of the programme. Of course, please stay at home if you feel unwell or experience the slightest symptoms, wash your hands often and keep a safe distance from others.

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24 October

A Virtual ASMR Performance with Melinda Lauw

15:30  Free of charge. Broadcast live on Twitch.

This virtual experience will be broadcast live on Twitch at 15.30 CEST on October 24, 2020.

Show your interest on this Facebook event and keep yourself updated prior to the live stream.

The performance begins at the following times:
15.30 CEST (Central European Time, i.e. Stockholm)
09.30 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time, i.e. New York)
21.30 CST (Central Standard Time , i.e. Beijing)
06.30 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time, i.e. Los Angeles)

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