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Utomhusverket 2021: Studio Ossidiana

Photo: Sima Korenivski. 2021.
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Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

Utomhusverket 2021: Studio Ossidiana

During the summer of 2021 ArkDes is a place to discover new ways of being together. Studio Ossidiana’s experimental public space invites everyone to celebrate public life.

Incorporating the architecture studio’s unique approach to the hand-built craft of concrete and terrazzo casting, this full-scale public installation imagines new forms of public assembly that highlights the symbolic action of shared experiences – with others, with nature, and with our surroundings.

Conceived as an archipelago of activities and encounters between people, plants, birds and minerals, Utomhusverket 2021 celebrates the potential of public space. A planted pond offers relief from the summer heat for both birds and people. Tall perches, designed for migratory birds, cast shadows across a ground of shells, loam, and gravels. The ground elements combine to create new soils that can be shaped by digging, walking, lying, playing, and more. A sundial marks the passing of time, while radiating the captured heat of the sun. An enclosed garden offers shade, shelter and berries to birdlife. Handcrafted terrazzo ‘rocks’ afford opportunities for play, display, and gathering.

For Alessandra Covini and Giovanni Bellotti (Studio Ossidiana), the project points towards the ways in which public space can be an arena for action – “a place to transform, cultivate, and care for.” Studio Ossidiana understands human and non-human life as more than mere users: “We are all explorers, gardeners, lovers, collectors, cartographers, and more.”

  • Photo: Märta Thisner. 2021.
Film: Performing Pictures (Geska Helena Brečević, Robert Brečević) with Kyulim Kim and Daniel Donato. The making of Studio Ossidiana's Utomhusverket in 2021.
Photo: Märta Thisner. 2021. Tall perches.
Photo: Märta Thisner. 2021. Terrazzo 'rocks'.
Photo: Märta Thisner. 2021. The bird garden.
Photo: Märta Thisner. 2021. The planted pond.
Photo: Märta Thisner. 2021. The sundial.
Drawing: Studio Ossidiana. 2021. Drawing of Utomhusverket 2021.
Photo: Sima Korenivski. 2021. A place for birds and humans.
Photo: Sima Korenivski. 2021.

Studio Ossidiana

Studio Ossidiana ↗ is an architecture, design, and research practice based in The Netherlands, founded in 2015. Led by Alessandra Covini and Giovanni Bellotti, the studio works to blur the boundary between architecture, design, art, landscape, and urban strategies. Playfulness, tactility, and inclusivity thread their projects: stories are told and objects are brought to life through materials and spaces that call for action, discovery, and wonder.

Utomhusverket at ArkDes

Utomhusverket was ArkDes’s annual summer outdoor installation between 2020 and 2022. Each commission sought to stitch the spaces of the museum to the streets of the city by way of a large-scale outdoor installation, creating a testing ground that makes room for architects and designers to imagine new possibilities for public life. Each iteration demonstrated the potential of inclusive and design-driven public space that enables individual and collective action in the heart of the city.

Studio Ossidiana: Alessandra Covini, Giovanni Bellotti
Curator: James Taylor-Foster
Producer: Johanna Fogel
Graphic Identity: EWO (Emil Engel Andersson, William J Andersson, Oskar Laurin)
Build Coordinator: Johan von Geijer
Exhibition Coordinator: Elisabet Norin
Installation: Nord Skateparks (Sweden), Tomaello (The Netherlands)
Program: Elisabet Schön
Pedagogical program: Jakob Kjellberg, Madeléne Beckman
Film production: Performing Pictures (Geska Helena Brečević, Robert Brečević), Kyulim Kim, Daniel Donato, Sujy Lee

Team at Studio Ossidiana: Daniele Ceragno, Mariagiulia Pistonese, Lyubov Viller, Han Sol Hwang, Baukje Trenning

Team at Nord Skateparks: Daniel Malmberg, Mathew Marek, Stefan Jonsson, William Cramp, Carl Åström, Pontus Robin, Tom Stellmar, Henrik Ribbing, Marcus Adolfsson, Leo Ström

Team at Tomaello: Said Jama, Ali Hassan Tohow, Lauris Keiss, Ed Clarijs, Peter Mersch, Bert Hacquebard, Marcel Derksen, Andre Bonk, Giulio Tomaello, Gevorg Gabriljan, Baukje Trenning