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Gingerbread House 2020

Photo: Jessica Gow. 2020.
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Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

Gingerbread House 2020

Gingerbread House 2020 is a fragrant exhibition of imaginative gingerbread houses. It is also a competition in which children, young people, adults, amateurs and professionals build and create side by side.

This year we’ve created unique AR/3D models out of all our contributions. This means you get to experience the entire exhibition digitally on our website without ever leaving your home.

This year’s theme: Distance

Some distances can be measured, like a metre, a light year, or the path that you travel every morning on your way to work or school. Other distances are just a sensation, like feeling close to someone or the feeling of living in separate worlds. This year, the distance between us has increased – both on the street and between countries. But perhaps we have also grown closer to each other, helped one another and spent time together in new ways? What do the distances in your life look like?

30 years of Gingerbread Houses at ArkDes!

You might be surprised to learn that the exhibition Gingerbread House has been exhibited at ArkDes annually since 1990. This year we are celebrating our thirtieth anniversary and, in honour of this milestone, are creating a particularly festive exhibition filled to the brim with festive feeling!

Members of this year's jury:

Frida Leijon, Pastry Chef

Elsa Billgren, television host & blogger

Svante Öquist, journalist & blogger

Tor Lindstrand,  Architekt

This year’s winners

All the entries submitted competed to be the Gingerbread House of the Year. The jury has selected a winner in each category and the votes of the public prize have been counted. Here, all winners are announced!

Public prize

Photo: ArkDes Winner of the "Public prize": Entry number 82

Children under 12

Photo: ArkDes First prize "Children under 12": Entry number 53

Anyone else who loves baking

Photo: ArkDes First prize "Anyone else who loves baking": Entry number 114

Architects, designers and bakers

Photo: ArkDes First prize "Architects, designers and bakers": Entry number 77