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Architecture Projects: Brunnsparken

Photo: Carl Ander, Röhsska museet. 2021.
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Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg

Architecture Projects: Brunnsparken

A monument to partying, complete with secret rooms. A teenager, looking for their identity. A place that has served its purpose. Visions for the Brunnsparken of the future differ wildly when architects are given a free hand to speculate around the future of one of Gothenburg’s most talked-about spaces.

In conjunction with Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary, the Röhsska Museum ↗ presents eight speculative conceptualisations for how one public space in Gothenburg could look. Architecture Projects: Brunnsparken explores how architects or designers from other disciplines envision a future Gothenburg.

Rather than offering feasible, complete design solutions conforming to planning rules and developers’ profit margins, the architects were encouraged to use this opportunity to think differently. In the exhibition each architect was asked to present their utopian vision for Brunnsparken through the traditional means of a plan drawing, a model, a manifesto and inspirational objects.

  • Photo: Carl Ander, Röhsska museet. 2021.
Photo: Carl Ander, Röhsska museet. 2021.
Film: The Röhsska Museum Fabel Arkitektur
Film: The Röhsska Museum Per Nadén Arkitektur
Film: The Röhsska Museum Hedlund/Ekenstam
Film: The Röhsska Museum Bornstein Lyckefors Arkitekter
Photo: Carl Ander, Röhsska museet. 2021. Model: Fabel Arkitektur. 2021.
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

Architecture Projects: Skeppsbron

Architecture Projects

Architecture Projects is a rapid-response platform for architects to engage with the city without constraint, responding to broader discussions in which architecture has a central role. The project offers space for architects and practices of differing size and experience to be visionary: to speculate, consider, and imagine the role of the architectural project.

Collaboration with The Röhsska Museum

The exhibition was a site-specific development ↗ and variation of the 2019 exhibition Architecture Projects: Skeppsbron ↗ at ArkDes. It was produced in collaboration with ArkDes.

Participants: Erik Järkil Arkitektur, Bornstein Lyckefors Arkitekter, Fabel Arkitektur, Mareld Landskapsarkitekter, Studio Johan Linton, Hedlund/Ekenstam, Unit Arkitektur, Per Nadén Arkitektur

Curator and Exhibition Design: Naima Callenberg

Graphic Design: Oskar Laurin

Concept: ArkDes, James Taylor-Foster

Project Group at Röhsska: Louise Brännström, Johan Deurell, Amanda Eriksson, Andrea Erlandsson, Esbjörn Grip, Vanja Hermelin, Klara Käll, Stefan Törner