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Regional network nodes for Designed Living Environment

Photo: ArkDes Regional node network, 2023.

In the Policy for Designed Living Environment ↗ the government highlights ArkDes’ role in developing collaboration with existing institutions and supporting the establishment of regional and local meeting places within the field of architecture and design. The task includes creating a structure for interregional collaboration and dialogue with the aim of streamlining, increasing dissemination and achieving regional and local anchoring of the policy. 

ArkDes collaborates with all of Sweden’s 21 regions through a national network spanning from Skåne to Norrbotten. This network consists of experts in various fields, such as designers, architects and urban planners. The breadth of expertise promotes the exchange of information and knowledge. Each region and authority has appointed a representative who serves as a contact person. 

An important task for the regional network nodes is to disseminate information, knowledge, and initiatives from the four authorities so that it reaches municipalities and other relevant stakeholders. Furthermore, the aim is to follow up on the impact of the Policy for Designed Living Environment at the regional and municipal levels, as well as to identify and clarify needs from municipalities and stakeholders working to implement the policy. 

Through the work of regional network nodes, the challenges associated with the Policy for Designed Living Environments in the country are highlighted. The network nodes also facilitate dialogue and support between the different levels, nationally, regionally, and locally. This strengthens the exchange between regional networks and fosters collaboration between individual projects in different parts of the country. The regional network nodes thus serves as a central and strategic function to increase the impact of the Policy for Designed Living Environment. 

Main coordinator

Daniel Byström, ArkDes


Olle Lundin, ArkDes

Stina Westlin, ArkDes