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Conference 2023: Designed Living Environment – Creativity, Knowledge and Competence

2023 is the European Year of Skills. What competencies do we need to work carefully with designed living environments in our time and to meet future challenges?

During the conference, we will gain insight into the current and future needs for skills and collaboration within the fields of architecture, design, art, and cultural heritage. We will hear inspiring examples from our Nordic neighbors and from Sweden, and we will also discuss challenges and success factors.

Plus, we announce the winners of the ‘Årets strålkastare’ award – recognizing those who’ve set the bar high in the field of Designed Living Environments.

Watch the conference in retrospect (in Swedish):

16:03 Karin Svanborg-Sjövall, State Secretary at the Ministry of Culture, extends a warm welcome

27:00 Moderator Mustafa Sherif welcomes everyone to the day

31:02 Steering Committee for Designed Living Environment

45:47 The Year of Skills: Effective Knowledge Transfer Methods in the New European Bauhaus

55:00 Emina Kovacic – Reflections on creativity, knowledge, and skills related to designed living environments

1:45:27 Inspiration from our Nordic neighbors

1:46:38 Nel Jan Schipull

2:08:11 Borghildur Sölvey Sturludottir

2:25:46 Sigurd Svedrup Sandmo

2:48:20 Hanna Harris

3:09:05 Panel discussion

4:26:02 Learning examples from Sweden

4:26:50 Ann Magnusson

4:43:27 Magnus Antaris Tuolja

4:55:36 Per Bornstein

5:11:15 Gunnar Almevik

5:27:12 Marcus Rancken

5:41:46 Panel discussion

6:30:08 Announcement of the ‘Årets Strålkastare’ award

6:54:33 Keynote speaker Finn Williams

7:29:06 Closing remarks

Karin Svanborg-Sjövall, State Secretary, Ministry of Culture

Jessica Segerlund, Head of ArkDes Think Tank

Helena Bjarnegård, Sweden’s National Architect, Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning

Marja-Leena Pilvesmaa, Head of the Department of Cultural Environment, Swedish National Heritage Board

Lotta Mossum, Acting Head of the Art Unit, Swedish Arts Council

Michela Magas, Designer and CEO, MTF Labs

Emina Kovacic, City Architect and Director of Urban Development, Karlshamn Municipality

Nel Jan Schipull, Architect, PhD, Partner at Tegnestuen Vandkunsten, Denmark

Borghildur Sölvey Sturludottir, Architect, Head of the Planning Unit, Reykjavik, Iceland

Sigurd Svedrup Sandmo, Director of KORO, Norway

Hanna Harris, Chief Design Officer, City of Helsinki, Finland

Ann Magnusson, Curator

Magnus Antaris Tuolja, Sámi Building Craft

Per Bornstein, Architect, Bornstein Architecture and Media

Gunnar Almevik, Professor of Conservation, University of Gothenburg

About the conference

Since 2020, the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning ↗, the Swedish National Heritage Board ↗, ArkDes and Public Art Agency Sweden ↗ annually arrange a conference about Designed Living Environment. The conference is aimed at those working at municipal, regional, and national levels, within academia or as private practitioners.

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