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Conference 2022: Designed Living Environment – In Times of Urgency

Society and our shared living environments are constantly under stress and renegotiation.

The 2022 conference addresses questions about which values and qualities in our designed environments are important to preserve and develop as we face major global challenges such as armed conflict, climate change, threatened cultural heritage, resource management, and segregation.

During the conference, we will gain insights into how actors in the field have thought and acted when considering both local conditions and major global challenges in their work. What can we learn from each other? What have the work processes looked like? What tools have been used? What were the success factors, and what was the final outcome?

Plus, we announce the winners of the ‘Årets strålkastare’ award – recognizing those who’ve set the bar high in the field of Designed Living Environments.

Watch the conference in retrospect (in Swedish):

Gloria Cabral, Architect, Gabinete de Arquitectura

Césare Peeren, Architect, SUPERUSE

Britta Marakatt-Labba, Artist

Jake Ford, Architect, White Arkitekter

Vanja Knocke, Project Manager and Developer, National Property Board Sweden

Johan Folkesson, Chief Architect, Swedish Transport Administration

Eva Mårtensson, Facility Management Director, Knivsta Municipality

Bengt Wahlgren, Building Conservationist, Restaurera AB

Marianne Jonsson, Curator, Swedish Arts Council

Andreas Bjersby, Head of Art Department, Region Uppsala

Malin Myrin, Vice Chair, ICOMOS Sweden

Håkan Sandhagen, Chief of Architecture, Akademiska Hus

Ulrika Mebus, Chair, ICOMOS Sweden

Jonas Eldin, Architect, Eldin Oscarsson

Lone-Pia Bach, Professor of Restoration Art, Royal Institute of Art

Karin Sjödin, Landscape Architect, Varberg Municipality

Helena Bjarnegård, National Architect, Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning

Joakim Malmström, National Antiquarian, Swedish National Heritage Board

Kieran Long, Director General, ArkDes

Patrick Amsellem, Director, Swedish Arts Council

Marja-Leena Pilvesmaa, Head of Cultural Environment Department, Swedish National Heritage Board

Jessica Segerlund, Head of ArkDes Think Tank, ArkDes

Lena From, Art Project Director, Swedish Arts Council

Malin Ouest, Moderator

About the conference

Since 2020, the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning ↗, the Swedish National Heritage Board ↗, ArkDes and Public Art Agency Sweden ↗ annually arrange a conference about Designed Living Environment. The conference is aimed at those working at municipal, regional, and national levels, within academia or as private practitioners.

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