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Conference 2020

In 2018, the Policy for Designed Living Environments was adopted. This policy focuses on creating a holistic view of the design of our living environments; the places where we live, work, and live our lives. It aims for architecture, design, art, and cultural heritage to strengthen each other in addressing the societal challenges we face, collectively contributing to a sustainable, equitable and less segregated society where everyone has the opportunity to influence our shared spaces.

At this conference, we discuss designed living environments, featuring inspiring national and international speakers. Join a dialogue about architecture, design, art and cultural heritage in relation to human opportunities and needs. Participants include Minister of Culture Amanda Lind, internationally active architect Mia Hägg, Norway’s National Antiquarian Hanna Geiran, among others.

Watch the conference in retrospect (in Swedish):

Amanda Lind, Sweden’s Minister for Culture and Democracy, responsible for sports issues

Kieran Long, Director General, ArkDes

Helena Bjarnegård, National Architect, Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning

Katja Lindroos, CEO, Urban Practice

Maija Tanninen-Mattila, Director, Helsinki Art Museum HAM

Hanna Geiran, Norway’s National Antiquarian

Eva Pfannes, Founder, Ooze

Sylvain Hartenberg, Founder, Ooze

Marjetica Potrč, Artist

Sven Olof Ahlberg, Building Conservationist

Mia Hägg, Architect, Herzog & de Meuron

Maider Lopez, Artist

Torun Hammar, Acting Director, National Property Board Sweden

Anders Berensson, Architect

Ann-Louise Rönestål, Moderator

About the conference

Since 2020, the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning ↗, the Swedish National Heritage Board ↗, ArkDes and Public Art Agency Sweden ↗ annually arrange a conference about Designed Living Environment. The conference is aimed at those working at municipal, regional, and national levels, within academia or as private practitioners.

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