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Karin Nilsson appointed Acting Director at ArkDes

Photo: Viktor Fremling. 2023. Karin Nilsson, appointed Acting Director at ArkDes.

After major exhibition successes and the upcoming reopening of ArkDes in September 2024, Kieran Long is leaving his post as Museum director at ArkDes to take on the role of Museum Director at Amos Rex in Helsinki. On January 18, the Government appointed Karin Nilsson as the Acting Director and Head of ArkDes, the National Centre for Architecture and Design. She is a cultural historian and ethnologist with extensive experience as a leader in the Swedish museum sector. She is recognized as one of Sweden’s foremost experts in digital access to cultural heritage.

We wish Kieran Long all the best in the future and express our great appreciation for his significant work and the clear direction he has created for ArkDes during his time at the museum.

Photo: Viktor Fremling. 2023. Kieran Long (Former Director, ArkDes) and Karin Nilsson (Acting Director, ArkDes).