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ArkDes releases new report on Designed Living Environment

The Passagen House, Quarter Hästen (formerly Quarter Torsken). Bengt Lindroos. 1969. ArkDes collection.

On March 6th, ArkDes will present the yearly report on Policy for Designed Living Environment, this year focusing on Sustainability, Quality, and Economy.

Join us for a digital breakfast seminar in which ArkDes alongside experts, will discuss the achievements and challenges of the policy, offering practical insights and glimpses into the future.

Commissioned by the Swedish Ministry of Culture, the report is based on Policy for Designed Living Environment, rooted in the belief that intentional efforts in architecture, design, art, and cultural environment can contribute to a sustainable, equitable, and less segregated society. This year’s report specifically delves into the part of the policy emphasizing that sustainability and quality should not be subordinate to short-term economic considerations.

Sign up and learn more (in Swedish): Link ↗.