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Gingerbread House 2015

Photo: Viktoria Garvare. 2015.
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Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

Gingerbread House 2015

Gingerbread House 2015 is a fragrant exhibition of imaginative gingerbread houses. It is also a competition in which children, young people, adults, amateurs and professionals build and create side by side. Also, this year sees the 25th anniversary of the ArkDes gingerbread house exhibition.

This year’s theme: “A new den – new ways to live”

More and more people want to have a place to live in our cities, it’s starting to become crowded. So we have to build homes in totally new places and in totally new ways. As usual, there were no restrictions on how to interpret the theme. Hundreds of children, young people and professionals exercised their creative flair and used gingerbread dough to design forms of living that previously seemed impossible.

Members of this year's jury:

Jens Fager, Designer

Donya Absi, Sweden’s youngest Masterchef 2015

Sara Aasum Hultberg, Swedish Confectioner or the year 2014

Dan Hallemar, Architect and Journalist

Alexandra Lauren, Skanska

This year’s winners

All the entries submitted competed to be the Gingerbread House of the Year. The jury has selected a winner in each category and the votes of the public prize have been counted. Here, all winners are announced!

Public prize

Photo: Matti Östling. 2015. Winner of the "Public prize" and "Anyone else who loves baking": Entry number 1

Children under 12

Photo: Matti Östling. 2015. First prize "Children under 12": Entry number 71

Anyone else who loves baking

Photo: Matti Östling. 2015. Winner of the "Public prize" and "Anyone else who loves baking": Entry number 1

Architects, designers and bakers

Photo: Matti Östling. 2015. First prize "Architects, designers and bakers": Entry number 50

Skanskas Special Prize

Photo: Matti Östling. 2015. Skanska Special Prize: Entry number 63