Gingerbread House 2022 is a fragrant exhibition of imaginative gingerbread houses. It is also a competition in which children, young people, adults, amateurs and professionals build and create side by side. Welcome! Free admission.
This year’s theme: Around the corner

What’s waiting around the corner? Almost within reach, just a few steps away. It could be something familiar, or something brand new. 

Here at ArkDes, we have exciting things to look forward to, just around the corner. What’s around the corner for you? Maybe your life’s greatest adventure is around the corner, or the house where your best friend lives? 


All the entries submitted will compete to be the Gingerbread House of the Year.

Competitors are divided into three categories

·         Architects, designers, and bakers

·         Children under 12

·         Anyone else who loves baking

The jury will select a winner in each category.

Members of this year’s jury

Thérèse Kristiansson – Architect & Artist

Josefin Baummann – Pastry Chef

Clara von Zweigbergk – Designer

August Mether (Sommarkatten) – Comedian

Public prize

Vote for your favourite entry. Cast your vote by December 13. The entry with the most votes will win the public prize.

Awards ceremony

December 18 at 13:00. Free admission.

Q: Do you have to make a HOUSE?
A: Gingerbread House is an exhibition about engaging in architecture in a playful, unpretentious way. At the same time, the built environment consists of many different elements, and building with gingerbread dough offers excellent opportunities to use your imagination and create new designs and exciting solutions. We therefore do not disqualify entries that do not look like traditional houses, but we particularly welcome entries that are recognisably something usually designed by architects in reality!

Q: What do you mean by party political messages and advertising for commercial purposes?
A: Logos, names of political parties and slogans are not permitted on the houses. Neither are entries that could be perceived as being part of a political campaign or debate. If in doubt, contact us at

Q: What are the prizes?
A: The winners and those who come second in each category will receive a trophy, a special engraved baking tin and a secret design gift. The winners in the “Children under 12” category will also win a trophy and baking tin as well as a prize package tailored to their ages.

Q: Will I get my gingerbread house back when the exhibition is over?
A: Yes, when you register you can submit that you want to collect your house when the exhibition is over.