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The Nordic Report 02 – an eye-opener on sustainable consumption and production

The Nordic Report 02 will be published early next year. The publication is a summary situation report and a deep-dive into the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12 – sustainable production and consumption. There is an emerging paradigm shift in the Nordic countries, which is the point of departure for this publication, intended to provide inspiration through examples and in-depth interviews with various experts. The Nordic Report 02 is part of the project SUSTAINORDIC, which aims to spread awareness on sustainable production and consumption in the Nordics in accordance with Agenda 2030.

“The Nordic countries need to present a united front when facing the massive challenge of changing consumption habits and improving production processes. We need to learn from and be inspired by each other,” says Josefin Tissingh, project manager at ArkDes.

“In the Nordics, we have made some progress, and The Nordic Report 02 is an important communication channel to reach out, both internationally and nationally. We want to inspire more countries to do more – in new ways,” says Helena Uesson, project manager at Form/Design Center.

Three perspectives on sustainable consumption are brought up in The Nordic Report 02 – industrial, academic and political. The overall question is how different types of organisations, companies and consumers take on the great challenges within this area with the help of new national guidelines, alternative processes and methods, greener materials and systematic changes within design, culture, architecture and sustainable urban development. This year’s publication explores important and current topics, such as bio-economics and circular economy, AI, responsible procurement and nudging, to name a few. The importance of cross-disciplinary collaborations in furthering the progress towards Goal 12 is a common thread throughout the publication. The same goes for the cultural perspective, which permeates the entire SUSTAINORDIC project.

“The problems are enormous, and for each individual bin bag, an additional 80 bags of waste have been created somewhere in the world in order to produce what was just thrown away,” says environmental educator Rustan Nilsson from Sysav, who is featured in the publication.

“Only when we have managed to make people conscious of their consumption patterns can we actually make a change,” says Natalie Green, CEO of Doconomy, in The Nordic Report 02.

The consumption issue is relevant in people’s everyday purchases as well as in the overall public procurement. How can specific resources be used to transition to more sustainable consumption and influence producers to change to sustainable production? And how do we become more conscious of our own choices when buying products and services, and of their impact on the climate, in order to then influence producers and retailers through our wallets? What ideals govern consumption today, and how can they be changed towards a more sustainable consumption culture?

The target audience of The Nordic Report 02 includes international decision-makers in politics and business as well as in design, architecture, media, culture, education and research. The publication is disseminated by Nordic authorities and in other relevant forums in the Nordics, Europe and globally.

The Nordic Report 02 is designed by Jakob Trollbäck, The New Division. Editor is Marie Skoglund/ Marie Skoglund report.

Launch date: The Nordic Report 02

  • Wednesday 5 February 18:00–21:00 at ArkDes in Stockholm, in collaboration with DOGA, Innovation Norway, Norsk Industri, Samarbeidesrådet for møbel og interiør (SMI) and the Embassy of Norway.
  • Thursday 13 February 16:00–18:00 at BLOX in Copenhagen, in collaboration with Øresundsinstituttet and DAC (Dansk Arkitektur Center).


SUSTAINORDIC is a collaborative platform and a network that aims to promote sustainable consumption and production based on a Nordic perspective, in accordance with the UN’s Global Goal 12 of Agenda 2030. The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers with the aim of spreading the Nordic perspective internationally. The project partners are ArkDes and Form/Design Center in Sweden, Design Forum in Finland, DOGA in Norge, DAC (Dansk Arkitektur Center) in Danmark and Iceland Design Centre. The originators and project owners of SUSTAINORDIC are ArkDes and Form/Design Center. ArkDes is the administrative body of the project.

Find out more at sustainordic.com where you can also pre-order coming publications.

If you have any questions about SUSTAINORDIC and the publications The Nordic Report 01 & 02, please contact Josefin Tissingh, josefin.tissingh@arkdes.se or Helena Uesson, helena@formdesigncenter.com.