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Elements of an an exhibition. Illustration: Andreas Samuelsson / Agent Molly & Co.

Elements of an an exhibition. Illustration: Andreas Samuelsson / Agent Molly & Co.

Call for Ideas: Reimagining the Exhibition

A project initiated by ArkDes and e-flux Architecture

What happens in an architecture exhibition? What, and who is it for? What does it do, and how does it do it? Solicited: Proposals is a shared effort to consider the architecture exhibition, to untangle and rethink its meaning and its potential for today.

It begins with contributions by Esther Choi, Jia Yi Gu, Gilly Karjevsky and Rosario Talevi, Vasif Kortun, Prem Krishnamurthy, Maria Lind, Federico Martelli, Mpho Matsipa, Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock, and Molemo Moiloa, and Shirley Surya.

Through the lens of a single element, each seeks to reimagine the architecture exhibition: what it allows for and does not allow for; what it enables, what it disables; what it constructs and deconstructs.

Send us your ideas!

ArkDes and e-flux Architecture are now soliciting additional proposals until November 8, 2021. We invite you to submit a proposal that reimagines an element of the architecture exhibition. Outlines of no more than 250 words can be sent to nick [​at​] Up to six proposals will be selected by the editors. If your proposal is accepted, your contribution will be edited and published as part of this series on e-flux Architecture and ArkDes’s website. Final contributions will be due by November 30, 2021. A fee of 500 USD will be provided following publication.

What could a contribution be?

There is no set format for what a contribution could be; it could be an essay, an illustration, an interview, a recipe, a handbook, or whatever else might make sense. Solicited: Proposals calls for contributions that are idea-driven, foregrounding the imaginative potential of the architecture exhibition.

You can read the contributions as they are published on e-flux Architecture:

Maria Lind: The Seating
Shirley Surya: The Collection
Prem Krishnamurthy: The Timeframe
Federico Martelli: The Object List
Vasif Kortun: The Threshold