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RESONANS: Ofelia Jarl Ortega

Soloperformance: C in the mud
24 August

In her new solo performance C in the mud, choreographer Ofelia Jarl Ortega approaches social, physical and temporary rifts through an at once evasive, appropriating and distanced choreography. With movements deeply entangled with sound, Jarl Ortega directs the gaze of the spectator from the scenic, to society at large.

For Jarl Ortega, the dramaturgy of sight makes material for choreography, where “voluntary objectification” confronts the responsibilities of a spectator. In 2015, Jarl Ortega presented Donnie at MDT, followed this year by Shredder. In C in the mud, she approaches the process of objectification in a solo performance, presented as a work-in-progress.

Ofelia Jarl Ortega is based in Stockholm and focuses topics such as vulnerability and femininity, often in aesthetics of the suggestive and erotic.She has a Master’s Degree in Choreography from DOCH, Stockholm and her work has been performed at venues including MDT (Stockholm), Dansstationen (Malmö), Inkonst (Malmö), Les Urbaines (Lausanne) och Manifesta 11 (Zürich).

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