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17 August

N.M.O. is an ever-changing acronym incorporating club music, performance, military drumming, fitness and absurdity. What they call ‘Military Danceable Space Music and/or Fluxus Techno’ is a blend of repetitive percussive patterns and synthetic sounds that combines with performative aspects for explosive and intense live shows.

N.M.O. is the project of North Sea drummer and producer Morten Joh and Mediterranean synthesis aficionado Rubén Patiño. Using self-built software, they have developed a hybrid machine/human set-up and use a playing technique resembling choreography. They integrate computer-synthesized audio, external drum synthesizers, synchronized lighting and combine it with human absurdity, snare drum, kick and hi-hat playing.

N.M.O. have released acclaimed EPs on record labels like Anòmia, The Death of Rave and Where to Now?, as well as the double LP Nordic-Mediterranean Organization / Numerous Miscommunications Occur on Diagonal Records.

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N.M.O. Norbergfestival