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RESONANS: Kara-Lis Coverdale

31 August

Blurring the line between the human and the data, Kara-Lis Coverdale creates dense arrangements with a penchant for long-form melody, harmony, and sonic detail. Significantly, she has a dynamic sense of play and conceptual dichotomy. Through polymorphous arrangements of synthesized samples and keyboards processed in surreal and ornate ways, her pieces develop as digital ether.

Coverdale is a classical pianist and organist organist since the age of 13. Following a 2014 release of pieces for processed voice that highlight the nature of the voice in the age of data, Coverdale released the album Aftertouches (Sacred Phrases, 2015). She has featured in Tim Hecker’s albums Virgins and Love Streams and has performed at institutions such as the Barbican and the Theatre du Chatelet in Paris. She has been composer in residence at EMS Stockholm, and GRM Paris, and has is recipient of a “promising young artist award” by legendary Canadian composer Ann Southam. In 2017 Coverdale performed at Norbergfestival and for Resonans, she invites the listener to a internal search for the phenomena of voice.

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