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The government is investing in ArkDes

The government is investing SEK 5 million to further strengthen ArkDes’ role as one of the most important research environments in Europe.

ArkDes’ tasks include increasing knowledge and generating debate about how architecture and design influence our lives as citizens.

In the government’s budget for 2018, ArkDes will receive SEK 5 million per year which will be earmarked for research. The new investment presented in the budget will enable ArkDes to conduct research that is based on the challenges facing contemporary housing and urban planning, the results of which may have a direct impact on planning and building, both now and in the future. It will also enable ArkDes to conduct research that may have a direct impact on national architecture and design policy.

“This is a unique investment in architecture and design research which will make ArkDes one of the strongest research environments in Europe within this field. This is evidence of the government’s ambitions to make Sweden a leading country in architecture and design,” says Kieran Long, superintendent at ArkDes.

In addition, ArkDes’ annual funding will be increased which will enable the museum to take on more specialised staff, increase their programme, organise more debates and exhibitions, and add to the museum’s unique collections.

“I am proud that Sweden and the government are making this unique and substantial investment in Swedish architecture. This will enable ArkDes to really take on the role of museum and centre for dialogue and debate on architecture, design and urban environments, making it a place that will attract leading researchers.”