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Foto: Andy Liffner

Foto: Andy Liffner

Policy for visits to Ralph Erskine’s Lådan

Ralph Erskine’s house known as Lådan (The Box) has been located on Lovön island since 1989, on land administered by the Swedish government agency the National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA). Lådan is considered to be of major interest in terms of construction history, and illustrates architectonic development in Sweden. It was designed and built in the winter of 1941-42 by the architect himself. The current house is a copy made by contractor Reinhold Gustafsson on the initiative of Olle Bengtzon, architectural writer and former member of the organisation Friends of Arkitekturmuseet (Museum of Architecture), the former name of ArkDes.

ArkDes entered into an agreement with the National Defence Radio Establishment on 15 April 1993 and has been assigned the task of making Lådan available to the general public. To this aim, ArkDes organises guided tours and events, but interested persons who work in the field can also borrow a key and visit the house individually.

Rules for borrowing a key and making an individual visit:

  • The purpose of the visit should be to raise awareness of Ralph Erskine’s architecture and how it has contributed to the Swedish cultural heritage.
  • The house should be considered a museum object, treated with care and left in the same condition as before the visit.
  • The key is primarily lent to researchers, students and professionals in the field, as well as to ArkDes staff.
  • The house may not be altered or used as a dwelling. Overnight stays are therefore not permitted.
  • Lådan is not lent for visits where the purpose is mainly of a commercial nature. In the case of uncertainties, it is at ArkDes’s discretion to decide.
  • When borrowing the key, the visitor is to pay a deposit of 500 SEK. This is refunded when the key is returned.
  • The key may be borrowed for a maximum of 5 days at a time. Exceptions may be made if ArkDes considers it justified.
  • It is permitted to take photographs for private use in and around the house. It is forbidden to photograph and film towards the area blocked off by the National Defence Radio Establishment.

In addition:

  • The National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA) may use the house after contacting Arkes.
  • Any costs connected with ArkDes’s activities are to be paid by the tenant (Arkdes).

If you would like to borrow the key to Lådan, contact visningar@arkdes.se. Lådan is not available for visits during the winter.

Special routines apply to media and filming. For more information, contact kommunikation@arkdes.se.