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Gingerbread House 2018 – this year’s theme has been decided

This year, we’re challenging all gingerbread house bakers to interpret what they think is LUXURY.

Is luxury your own balcony or fireplace? A secret tree house in the woods, or a flat with its very own skateboard ramp? Or is luxury just having a place to live at all?

For some people, the most luxurious thing in the world may be granddad’s gingerbread, or the feeling of being able to find free chanterelles just outside their front door. Someone else may dream of a dance floor in a park or a skyscraper covered in gold.

We want to be surprised by your unique take on the concept luxury, and look forward to your contribution.

Gingerbread houses may be submitted 23-25 November, during the museum’s ordinary opening hours:

Friday 23 November: 10-20
Saturday 24 November: 11-18
Sunday 25 November: 11-18
This year, it is also possible to pre-register your participation.

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