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About the Gingerbread House Competition

Gingerbread House 2018 is a different and aromatic exhibition of imaginative gingerbread houses. It is also a competition where children, young people, adults, amateurs and professionals compete side by side.->

This year’s theme

This year, we’re challenging all gingerbread house bakers to interpret what they think is LUXURY.

Is luxury your own balcony or fireplace? A secret tree house in the woods, or a flat with its very own skateboard ramp? Or is luxury just having a place to live at all? For some people, the most luxurious thing in the world may be granddad’s gingerbread, someone else may dream of a dance floor in a park or a skyscraper covered in gold.

We want to be surprised by your unique take on the concept luxury, and look forward to your contribution.

Competition rules

The base of the house may be maximum 50×50 cm. No part of the house may extend beyond these measurements.
The gingerbread house may only contain edible ingredients. (The base, however, does not have to be edible.)
All competition contributions will be exhibited, but ArkDes reserves the right to refuse entries if they, for example, break Swedish laws, represent commercial advertising, contain political messages or can be considered inappropriate or unethical.
Competitors are grouped into these categories:
• Architects, designers and professional bakers
• Children up to the age of 12
• Everyone else who bakes

Does everyone have to bake a house?
Gingerbread House is an exhibition that approaches architecture in a playful, humble way. At the same time, the built environment consists of many different elements, and building with gingerbread dough gives even greater possibilities to use your imagination and create new forms and exciting solutions. For this reason, we don’t disqualify contributions that don’t look like traditional houses, but we do especially welcome contributions that can be recognized as what architects usually create in real life.

What do you mean by political messages?
Logotypes, the names of political parties, or slogans on gingerbread houses are not allowed. Neither are submissions that may be perceived as comments on political campaigns or debates. Feel free to contact us if you’re unsure.

What are the prizes?
The winners and runners-up in each competition category get a trophy, a special engraved ArkDes baking tin and a kit consisting of selected designer products for the kitchen/home (for adults). The winners in the category Children Up to the Age of 12 also receive a trophy and ArkDes baking tin, as well as a prize package customized to the winner’s age.
All participants will also receive a diploma to take home.

Important dates

23 September: Deadline to send in suggestions for this year’s theme.
1 October: The theme of Gingerbread House 2018 is announced.
16 November: Deadline for pre-registering participation (NOTE: Pre-registration is not required).
23-25 November: Submission of gingerbread houses.
16 December at 13.00: Award ceremony at ArkDes.