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New report from ArkDes

This autumn there will be a new architecture and design policy for Sweden. Ahead of this work, ArkDes has produced a report entitled Snabba bostäder till varje pris: Vilket samhälle byggs och för vem? [Quick homes at any cost: What kind of society is being built and for whom?] In the report, ArkDes highlights conflicts in objectives in the Government’s policies and puts forward suggested measures.

The report contains three suggestions to guarantee the quality of what is being built:

1. Reinforce the policy’s responsibility and exemplary role for sustainable community building and management. Quality and the residents’ perspective must be at the heart of all public building – from schools and workplaces to rental accommodation and housing for refugees – and in relation to the shared cultural heritage. It is in times of crisis that there are major opportunities to assume political responsibility by prioritising the needs of residents above those of the market.

2. Reinforce the role of the designing professions by means of conscious quality work based on community building and the residents’ perspective in the whole process from procurement and construction to follow-up. This includes building up new, prioritised research areas for housing surveys, technical construction solutions and new quality standards.

3. Translate architectural, form and design objectives from policy documents into objectives with required follow-up by charging selected actors from architects, social professions and research networks with the task of evaluating and performing long-term follow-up on the objectives.
Through Quick homes at any cost: What kind of society is being built and for whom?, ArkDes is for the first time exercising its unique mandate as an authority to follow up on the impact of the policy and suggest measures to enhance the achievement of objectives as described in the 2015 executive order. This is taking place by means of an underlying collection of knowledge from the thematic work about housing issues carried out at ArkDes in 2015-2017, from research being conducted by ArkDes in the environment programme areas 2016-2018, and by a review of current research into the subject. The report thus serves to contribute base data ahead of the Ministry of Culture’s work on a new policy for architecture, form and design 2017 and to follow up on policy in the area based on questions about what kind of society is being built in the long term and for whom.

Snabba bostäder till varje pris: Vilket samhälle byggs och för vem?