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Fellow Design Paul Kühlhorn och Eva Liljefors

Fellow Design Paul Kühlhorn och Eva Liljefors

Fellow Designers: Playful design will attract visitors to Gingerbread House exhibition

As a recurring element before Christmas, ArkDes’s gingerbread figures start popping up on posters around Stockholm. Playfulness and pleasure were the keywords used by Fellow Designers, consisting of designers Eva Liljefors and Paul Kühlhorn, when they created the graphic identity.

What were your thoughts when you created the graphic identity for the Gingerbread House exhibition?
Eva Liljefors: Since it’s a recurring exhibition, we wanted to create an identity that would be recognisable. We want to convey pleasure and curiosity through a direct design language, which is good too because the posters around the city aren’t that big.
Paul Kühlhorn: Another thing we want is to awaken playfulness. Creating a gingerbread house for an architecture and design museum may feel like a demanding endeavour, so we want to awaken a childishness – and that means the opposite of sitting with a ruler and scalpel to make the perfect blueprint for gingerbread dough. The Gingerbread House exhibition is also very architectural, so to bring in the design aspect, we created a clear graphic feeling and look by using emojis and smileys.

Do you think more graphic designers should bake?
Eva Liljefors: Yes, I think it’s a good opportunity to really play and experiment, without the performance anxiety that is often part of the profession otherwise.

The audience is broad – from architects to school kids. Is there a challenge in that?
Eva Liljefors: No, we want to reflect the exhibition, create pleasure and curiosity, then it doesn’t matter if the audience is architects or kids. I think those feelings are pretty fundamental. In this exhibition, the visitors really participate and get an understanding of spatiality and proportions in a concrete and easily accessible way.

Have you had any reactions to the Gingerbread figures?
Paul Kühlhorn: We’ve had positive reactions on social media, especially from abroad. Santas, gingerbread cookies and snow are very Scandinavian things that automatically make people curious. Our goal with the campaign is to make the Gingerbread House exhibition a symbol for Christmas.