Join Space Popular (Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg) and students from London’s Architectural Association, exhibition curator James Taylor-Foster, alongside an esteemed group of guests to discuss ways of engagement with the burgeoning virtual sphere.

In time we shall become citizens of virtual, or virtually augmented, worlds. Whether you might agree with this position or not, it serves to highlight a number of possible repercussions for the fields of architecture and design, and raises important questions connected to citizenship (or the lack thereof) in future virtual environments.

Health and Behaviour

Amy Croft (Artist in Residence, Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL))
William Hamilton (Co-Founder: Mimerse, Vobling)
Referencing thinking rooted in the fields of psychology and cognitive science, what are the tools at our disposal to shape and manage our experience(s) of virtual worlds?

Building and Cities

Elena Malakhatka (PhD candidate, KTH)
Tor Lindstrand (Architect)
While Space Popular: Value in the Virtual seeks to illustrate one possible avenue for a virtually augmented city, the possibilities laid before us today are multifaceted and complex. What does ‘building’ entail in virtual environments, and how does the notion of a ‘built environment’ translate between worlds?

Arts and Institutions

Daniel Birnbaum (Director, Moderna Museet)
Guest to be announced.
Exploring the spheres of arts and institutions, and the connections between them, how might we understand a future iteration of society—or societies—in parallel virtual worlds?

Location: Boxen

Free entry!
The presentations and discussions will be held in English.

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