Watch and Chill: Streaming Senses is a unique hybrid on/offline presentation of visual works by artists from around the world. Drop-in to screenings all day on December 2nd.

Under the theme of digital sensoria and its symbiosis today, Watch and Chill streams works from around 20 artists in the different regions, while simultaneously showcasing them in physical spaces as internationally travelling exhibitions.

On both the online platform and the offline presentation, works respond to the relationship between technology and human perceptual systems. They consist of four sub-topics: Optical Tactility, Calibrated Projection, Trance, Cross, Move, and Bits of the Spirit.

When: December 2, 2022
Where: Biografen, ArkDes and Moderna Museet
Free of charge, drop-in throughout the day

Image: Simone C Niquille/Technoflesh Studio, Homeschool (2019)

Bits of the Spirit

Screenings begin at 10.15 in the cinema, level 2

10:15-11:52 – Ahmad Ghossein, The Fourth Stage
11:52-11:03 – Sylbee Kim, Trinity: Finance-Credo-Spirituality
11:03-12:05 – Maha Maamoun, Domestic Tourism II
12:05-12:18 – Kim Woonghyun, Hindenburg Lounge
12:18-12:20 – Andreas Wannerstedt, Proportions—Sliding Zeus XL
12:20-12:30 – Yuri Pattison, sunset provision (status monitor)

Optical Tactility

Starting at 12.30 in the cinema, level 2

12:30-13:52 – Lee Eunhee, HOT/STUCK/DEAD
13:52-13:12 – An Jungju & Jun Sojung, The Ghost in the Machine
13:12-13:31 – Yeom Ji Hye, CyborgHandstanderus’s Nose
13:31-13:34 – Wang & Söderström, Growth
13:34-13:46 – Jenna Sutela, nimiia cétiï, 2018
13:46-13:47 – Andreas Wannerstedt, Layers – The Flow
13:47-14:00 – Yuri Pattison, sunset provision (status monitor)

Calibrated Projection

Starting at 14.00 in the cinema, level 2

14:00-14:18 – Yeom Ji Hye, Future Fever
14:18-14:37 – Basma al Sharif, We Began By Measuring Distance
14:37-14:49 – An Jungju & Jun Sojung, Automatic Autonomy
14:49-15:34 – Sharif Waked, To Be Continued…
15:34-15:45 – Yuri Pattison, sunset provision (status monitor)

Trans, Cross, Move

Starting at 15.45 in the cinema, level 2

15:45-16:12 – Kim Woonghyun, Hell Bovine and Pony
16:12-16:33 – Kim Ayoung, Porosity Valley, Portable Holes
16:33-16:57 – Ali Cherri, The Digger
16:57-17:10 – Simone C. Niquille / Technoflesh, Homeschool
17:10-19:11 – ASMRctica, 2 hrs Climate Zones of the World
19:11-19:41 – Kim Ayoung, In Search of Petra Genetri

The museum closes at 20.00.

The physical presentation of Watch and Chill 2.0: Streaming Senses is organised by ArkDes in partnership with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, and the Sharjah Art Foundation.

Curated by Jihoi Lee, Hoor Al Qasimi, and James Taylor-Foster.

Assistant Curator at ArkDes: Sujy Lee
Curatorial Assistance at ArkDes: Vincent Van Spaendonk
Live Illustration: Erik He

Friday 2 December kl. 10:00