Join an alternate walk through Tensta’s settlements, lookouts, and public spaces.

The art in Tensta is an unknown story for many, although there is a wonderful treasure that draws a motley and interesting patchwork of artistic and literary narratives. Tensta was home to Lena Andersson as she grew up, as well as Kurdistan’s most famous poet, Sherko Bekas, during the 80s and 90s.

In Tensta’s subway, Helga Henschen illustrated the 70s with words such as ‘solidarity’ and a focus on sisterhood. You can see Olof Hellström’s childhood sculptures in Silverpilsparken and Siri Derkert’s last monumental work, a tribute to environmental peace and women warriors, at the school yard of Gullingeskolan.

The tour will begin at Tensta konsthall.