On 26 October, in collaboration with the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning and Föreningen för samhällsplanering (the Swedish association for spatial planning), ArkDes is inviting the public to a conference on how the future can be planned and implemented to be more sustainable. PLAN – Shaping the future now offers informed contributions to the debate, inspiring approaches, and new insights.

Sweden’s population is growing. Investments in the built environment are in an expansive phase right now. How we build and invest has important implications for how well we will be able to meet our sustainability goals and what kind of society we will be making for people to live and work in.

Speakers: Fran Tonkiss, Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics, Karolina Skog, Minister for the Environment. Lars Marcus, Professor of Urban Design and Planning at Chalmers University of Technology, Josephine Nellerup, urban planning strategist at the City Planning Administration, City of Malmö.

Last day of registration: 19 October 2017

Conference fee: SEK 1,500 (students SEK 1,000, limited number of places)
The conference fee includes refreshments and a vegetarian lunch.

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Registration starts at 08.30 on the day of the conference.