Since 2016, ArkDes has led debate about the role of housing policy and the challenges of housing construction under the theme Bo.Nu.Då (Housing.Now.Then).   Two new books based on this theme will be launched on 31 August: Höra Hemma – om det bostadspolitiska dilemmat (Belonging – the housing policy dilemma), and “99 years of the Housing Question in Sweden”.

In ArkDes Resumé: Höra Hemma – om det bostadspolitiska dilemmat (ArkDes Overview: Belonging – the housing policy dilemma), 39 writers identify and describe some of the challenges associated with architecture and sustainable development facing Sweden today. The book is a co-production with the think-tank Movium at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

99 Years of the Housing Question in Sweden (Studentlitteratur) is based on the exhibition Bo. Nu. Då. (Housing.Now.Then.) held at ArkDes in 2016. Editor and researcher Daniel Movilla places 99 years of Swedish housing policy in an international context and discusses what is happening today in housing construction based on the history of folkhemmet (a Swedish political concept, literally “the people’s home”).

These book launches will include a panel discussion on the housing policy dilemma. The panel will include Caroline Dahl, Daniel Movilla Vega, Hans Swärd, Catharina Thörn, Victoria Percovich och Eva Eriksson. Moderator: Per Wirtén.

After the panel discussion in the Auditoriet, there will be mingling with a bar and live music in Bloms Trädgård where visitors can buy the books at a special price.

In Swedish.