Permanent Temporariness is a book, a catalogue, and an archive that accounts for 15 years of research and experimentation by Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti.

The publication presents and reflects on issues related to the condition of permanent temporariness that permeates contemporary forms of life. Some of the concepts addressed by Hilal and Petti’s work span from the role of architecture in refugee camps, the critical understanding of the idea of heritage, or the potential of hospitality to subvert the separation of private and public life.

Welcome by Kieran Long, Director ArkDes.

Introduction by Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti.

Responses to the publication by: Sara Arrhenius, Walter Mignolo, Marie-Louise Richards, Rahel Shawl, Madina Tlostanova.

Moderator: Carlos Mínguez Carrasco.

The event brings together the authors along with collaborators and friends for an informal conversation around some of the projects and ideas included in the book.

In ArkDes Library.