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17 August

DJ and producer KABLAM (aka Kajsa Blom) experiments with the radical possibilities of music, of what a club environment is or can be and what a dance floor looks and feels like. As a DJ, she manipulates digital tracks, taking advantage of the advanced possibilities offered today. Using the parameters of space rather than time to structure the music, she mixes contrasting genres to find imaginative points of entry.

KABLAM first emerged in the experimental club scene in Berlin as a resident DJ at the now legendary Janus parties. 2016 saw KABLAM releasing her debut EP Furiosa on Janus, followed by a single on Country Music in 2017. This summer, Blom joins the Tanzplage of Norbergfestival and for Resonans, she DJs in-between the performances.

KABLAM Norbergfestival

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