At the heart of the museum you’ll find Family ArkDes a place where you can relax with your family, play, and have fun.

“Our aim has been to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for the whole family, encouraging exploration, relaxation, and conversation among visitors,” say Asli Abdulrahman and Marcia Harvey Isaksson, designers of the space.

”From the plush carpet of the Hilly Hangout to the padded walls of the Hideouts, we have worked with textiles as our core material,” the designers say. “This material language extends to the soft furnishings and their different fillings, including the reflective fabrics of the hanging Talismans. The tactility of the spatial experience has been our design focus.”

As part of the design, kneaded clay plays an important role in the details of the room. The intention is to bring the presence of the human hand into the space and connect to the millennia-old tradition of crafting with clay.

”Asli and Marcia are two extremely talented spatial designers who have created a welcoming and social space that we hope will be used by all when hanging out at the museum,” says Kieran Long, Director at ArkDes.

“This is a new kind of public space for the museum, and one that has been needed for the families and others who spend time in our galleries. We will also use it as a place for small events and talks, where it provides a unique backdrop to conversations, discussions, and meetings.”

We hope that you enjoy the space and discover some of the surprises it has to offer.