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Walking tour in Vårberg

Vårberg is a very diverse area of Stockholm, and much of the architecture there is bolder and more international than was usual for the 1960s. We take a walking tour and find out why it looks like it does in this area of the city, which is relatively unknown for many. Our tour guide is Per Olgarsson, building conservationist, Stadsmuseet (The Stockholm City Museum). NOTE: The tour will be conducted in Swedish.

Read more about the walking tour and book tickets here.

This autumn, Stadsarkivet (Stockholm City Archives) and Stadsmuseet (The Stockholm City Museum) will be presenting a number of exciting lectures, events and guided tours in collaboration with ArkDes and in connection with the exhibition Flying Panels – How Concrete Panels Changed the World (18 October 2019 – 1 March 2020).


Tuesday 22 October

11:30  Vårberg