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Together in the suburbs

Three hours, three lectures. Hear about how the suburban youth of the 1980s put colour on the grey concrete, about the traces the suburban cultural committees left behind and about kollektivhus, or cohousing buildings, that emerged during the interwar years and became one of the sources of inspiration for the satellite suburbs and the Million Programme. With Sandra Häll Pettersson, Stadsarkivet, Lee “Brain” Spångberg, graffiti artist, and Peter Salomonsson, Stadsarkivet. Free entrance. In Swedish.

Read more about the programme here.

This autumn, Stadsarkivet (Stockholm City Archives) and Stadsmuseet (The Stockholm City Museum) will be presenting a number of exciting lectures, events and guided tours in collaboration with ArkDes and in connection with the exhibition Flying Panels – How Concrete Panels Changed the World (18 October 2019 – 1 March 2020).


Saturday 9 November

11:00  Stadsarkivet (Stockholm City Archives), Liljeholmskajen, Sjöviksvägen 126