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Tensta Museum’s Branch: Conversation with Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado

Hanna Nordell, producer at Tensta konsthall, in conversation with the Tensta resident Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado about El Complejo and Alvarado’s current research.

The Tensta resident Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado worked at the Panguipulli Forestry Complex, Chile’s most ambitious forestry complex during the Salvador Allende period (1970–73). Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado is one of the few who survived the coup in 1973 and his story is part of the film El Complejo: Territorio liberado, by Claudia Del Fierro. Alvarado was detained for four years in prison after the coup in Chile and was deported to Sweden in 1977.

Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado has worked for 30 years for the city of Stockholm. He has worked locally, nationally, and internationally on several projects aimed at creating conditions for a participatory democracy.

In conversation with Hanna Nordell, he speaks about his work in the forestry industry and how he is currently conducting research about El Complejo, which includes finding and interviewing the few people who still can speak about what happened.


Tuesday 18 December