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Photo: Design Lab S

Walking tour: Stories about Skärholmen

Skärholmen is being rebuilt and transformed. How do local residents feel about the future? The public is invited to participate in a walking tour that focuses on the stories of people who live and work in Skärholmen.

Together with Samir Alj Field and Alicia Donat-Magnin from Design Lab S, which has led design projects with children and elderly residents of the area, Arkes has met people in Skärholmen and collected their stories, knowledge and dreams for the future. The result is a cabinet of memories and stories that is constantly being filled by more people.

“The walking tour in Skärholmen highlights the knowledge, places, dreams and people who have important opinions about the area and how it can be developed. The tour is also a living process and participants are able to influence the content and help us to get a richer picture of Skärholmen. We also hope that the story cabinet, which is a result of the work, will be given a central place in Skärholmen.” – Samir Alj Field, Design Lab S

“This is an important project because it illuminates invisible values. A place may be more than what it seems to be; it can mean something and have value to people that can’t be understood unless you live or work in the area. That’s why it’s important to find ways to involve residents in the best way possible.” – Karin Svensson, ArkDes

Kl 13.00 : Walking tour for children between the ages of 6 and 12.
Kl 15.00 : Walking tour, open to everyone.

The walking tour is about 1 hour. The tour starts in front of Svenska Kyrkan in Skärholmen.

The walking tour is free, but there are a limited number of places available.
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Saturday 15 September

13:00  For children. Meeting point at Svenska Kyrkan in Skärholmen